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Why another tool?

While CI tools can run test on every pull request when it's opened, and on every branch after it's pushed, it may not be sufficient to avoid broken builds.

For instance, if you have two pull requests that modify dependent code, the tests could pass on each pull request independently and Github would allow the merge but the build may break after the merge.

You may configure Github to block pull request that is not up-to-date with master to avoid this issue. But this may not scale with your team. This configuration means every individual engineer has to:

  • Update current branch with master.
  • Wait for the test to pass again.
  • Merge the pull request when it's done.
  • In case another pull request is merged before that, repeat the steps above.

How it works

MergeQueue monitors all pull requests on your Github repository
Instead of manually merging pull requests, the engineers label them when ready.
MergeQueue prioritizes ready PRs based on FIFO.
Based on your configuration, MergeQueue performs some operations on PRs.
Merges PR when all the merge criteria has been met.
Reports and dequeues pull requests that fail the criteria.

Not just a merge tool

Quick setup

Takes less than 10 minutes to configure the queue


Adapt to your needs, setup your custom rules

Merge analytics

Keep tabs on your builds, merges and identify bottlenecks.

Works with any setup

Whether you use CircleCI, Jenkins, TravisCI or any other tools

Ordered queue

No more merge wars, all pull requests get processed orderly.

Concierge support

We are happy to help setup the configuration for you, if you need help.

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  • Up to 15 users
  • All features in Pro
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$10 / user

  • Up to 50 users
  • Merge queue: FIFO and Parallel modes
  • Skip-the-queue for hot fixes
  • Batching support
  • ChangeSets: monorepo and polyrepo PR-groups
  • Stacked PRs: cross-PR dependency management
  • Stacked PRs: incremental code review
  • Early Access: Flaky test management
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  • Unlimited users
  • Advanced merge modes for large monorepos
  • Advanced dependency coordination for large multi-repo setups
  • On-prem and dedicated-instance options
  • Net-30 payments and volume discounts
  • Dedicated Slack support
  • SAML/SSO login
  • Security audits and SOC2 compliance
  • Custom integrations
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SOC2 compliant

SOC 2 is a deep-dive audit, delivered in a final report, based on AICPA’s existing Trust Services principles and criteria. MergeQueue has completed SOC 2 audit evaluated on information systems relevant to security, availability and confidentiality.

If your organization requires something more than SOC 2, MergeQueue offers Single Tenant instances of our platform. The goal with our Single Tenant solution is to give you a SaaS-like experience, except your resources and liabilities are not shared with other tenants. Your data at rest remains isolated and more secure.

On-premise installation

For the businesses in highly regulated industries, or the ones running Github Enterprise on their own cloud provider, MergeQueue also offers on-premise installation of our platform. We use docker compose bundle with a single installation script to provision the platform. Contact for details.

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